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Our Nannies

We carefully consider each of our Nannies before they can be registered with us and they have a high standard to meet before they can become a member of our team.

Our Nannies are all professionals and must have a minimum of two years full time childcare/nanny experience with excellent references & a history of long term positions with families.

When choosing a Nanny to join our team, apart from the professional qualifications, we are also looking for caring and dynamic personalities, flexibility, discretion, good presentation and professionalism.

Click here for details of some of our Nannies on the Greycoat Lumleys website

Nanny Salary Guidelines

Full time, Nanny EU - from €550/600 net per week
Full time, Nanny Switzerland - from 700/800 CHF net per week
Full time, Elite Nanny - from €700/800 Euros net per week
Full time, Maternity Nurse - from €150 or 185 CHF net per DAY

Full time nanny salaries are based on a 5 day week, approx 45/50 hours & depend on the nannies experience and qualifications.

NOTE: These figures are after any taxes, insurances or other deductions payable. (The family is responsible for these expenses and any work permits, visas etc... that the Nanny may need).

(all figures are subject to change & currency fluctuations)